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Secret: Up to RPer.

Gavin Locati is the stereotypical in crowd boy. His family has enough money to feed half of Africa, he’s got a charming smile that can win any woman over, and his ego exceeds nearly every kid in his school. Considering he goes to school with and is close friends with Damien Baudelaire and Easy McCafferty, that says quite a bit. Like Easy and Damien, he had a different girl in his room every night, his motto being “variety is the spice of life” as his dear uncle taught him. He figured he’d settle down eventually, if he ever found the right girl. Finding his future wife wasn’t exactly at the top of his to-do list, though. The thing he cared most about at the moment was finishing his studies at Pennington’s so he could go work side by side with his father in the multi-million dollar company his family ran. He had one more year to go, and nothing was going to get in his way. He concentrated deeply on school and sports by day, and partied like a typical college frat boy by night. Waking up to girls in his bed and lined up coke on the dresser was a typical morning for him.

His life was perfect in his eyes. He was at the top of the social hierarchy, he excelled in school, he was captain of the football team, and he had a guaranteed job once he graduated. Hell, who wouldn’t want his life? However, nothing gold can stay. Gavin’s parents had been quite distraught over his social life for years. Word had always travelled about Gavin’s indiscretions, and his parents finally chose to stop turning a blind eye to their son becoming a man they despised. In a fit of rage, Gavin’s father made a deal with him: if he didn’t find a girl to settle down with before he graduated, he wasn’t going to be allowed into the family business. As he was conversing the matter over with his friends, one jokingly said to hire someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. The idea wasn’t half bad though. He called a few people, and got the number to the best escorting service in the state. He described the type of girl he was looking for, and made an appointment to meet up with the hired woman in a few days.

At the meeting spot, he saw a girl he knew quite well walk in: Violet Hayes. What the hell was she doing here? She could blow this entire meet up for him! Seeing her look of horror, he realized something though. She was the girl he was supposed to meet up with; she was the hired escort. Although the two were in the same crowd, they’d never gotten along. Their ego’s and sharp tongues always had a tendency to clash ferociously. Reluctantly, both agreed to the business deal. The pay was great for Violet, and she was everything Gavin needed for this to work. They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. The two would put on the perfect appearances for his parents, and come close to choking each other behind closed doors. In spite of what she was doing, he never viewed her in a degrading manner. Of all of the negative things he did in fact think of her, cheap was not among the list; and his wallet could definitely attest to that. In these next few months would his seemingly perfect plan come crashing down, or would his lies find more truth than he’d originally thought?

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